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companion guinea pigs

companion guinea pigs

companion guinea pigs

 Attention the term "society guinea pig" + "Gesellis" is my personal intellectual property and protected by copyright!

Currently have  4 companions for sale

Knolli  + Schmausi

Our further offer are society guinea pigs

If you have a lonely, maybe widowed Meeri and want to stop keeping Meeri after its death, your Liebling  may not be kept alone for this time, according to the TSchG. We think that’s right . Exactly for this,  we offer the society guinea pigs. You will receive a suitable animal from us for the company of your darling, this guinea pig will then become your property, only through the special agreement, a possible return, the purchase differs from the normally purchased guinea pig.

As soon as your darling is gone, you alone decide whether you keep the Geselli or give it back to us. If you want to keep it, you will of course have to get a new Meeri for the one that is left.

If necessary, contact us!

Very easy and uncomplicated!

A notice: Since guinea pigs don't age faster than we do either, we only have a limited supply of companion guinea pigs that come from our breeding facility each year.

However,   are also given back to us by our former delivery animals, every now and then  when we have to keep them.

These are then mediated by us, as a companion or in a nice final home (depending on suitability). 

 Achtung :Keine Rücknahmen 
  zu und in  den Sommerferien    möglich ! 

Sully +

A couple


from our guinea pigs,

other animals

and the garden!


   Every year

aufs  new, nest

die  blackbirds at

uns  im garden !

Being together is with Meeris,

simply a must

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